India Makes Debut at Annecy International Animation Festival

India is making its first-ever appearance at the Annecy International Animation Festival (AIAF) this year. Led by Shri. Apurva Chandra, Secretary of Information and Broadcasting, an Indian delegation is presenting India’s animation and VFX capabilities to a global audience at the AIAF.

India’s Rise as a Global VFX and Animation Hub

India has emerged as a preferred destination for VFX and animation content, with a market value of Rs 109 billion in 2021, projected to reach Rs 180 billion by 2024. The participation at Annecy holds immense significance as it highlights India’s industry potential to international buyers.

India’s Commitment to the AVGC Sector

Shri. Chandra emphasizes India’s advancements in the Animation, Gaming, Visual Effects, and Comics (AVGC) Sector. India offers cash incentives to foreign companies producing AVGC content, fostering industry growth and facilitating pre and post-production activities.

Exploring Collaborative Opportunities

During the festival, Shri. Chandra held discussions with Michael Marin, AIAF director, exploring avenues to strengthen India’s engagement at Annecy and potential collaborations, including hosting a collaborative animation film festival between India and France. The India Pavilion, themed around the Saraswati Yantra, was inaugurated, and interactions took place with Indian creative talents who secured entries in the Annecy festival competition.

Promoting Dialogue and Initiatives

Shri. Chandra engaged in discussions with international delegates, focusing on the Ministry’s initiatives in the AVGC sector and the incentives provided by the Indian Government to create a favorable business environment.

India’s participation at the Annecy International Animation Festival showcases the country’s animation and VFX expertise, fostering collaboration and growth within the global animation community.

Annecy International Animation Festival – FAQs

Q1: Is this India’s first time participating in the Annecy International Animation Festival?

Ans: Yes, for the first time ever, India will attend the Annecy International Animation Festival this year.

Q2: What is the commitment of India to the AVGC sector?

Ans: India is dedicated to assisting the Animation, Gaming, Visual Effects, and Comics (AVGC) industry by providing financial incentives to international businesses creating AVGC material and by enabling pre- and post-production operations.

Q3: Who were present at the festival from the Indian creative community?

Ans: Arvind Jeena, Nikita Prabhudesai Jeena, Upamanyu Bhattacharyya, and Kalp Sanghvi were among the creative geniuses from India who attended the event. Senior members of the industry including Saraswati Vani Balgum, Kireet Khurana, Biren Ghosh, Anil Wanvari, and Anne Doshi were also there.


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