First Hindu American Summit in the US Ahead of PM Modi’s Visit

A gathering of Indian Americans organized the first Hindu American Summit for political engagement, which was held at the US Capitol Hill on June 14. The summit had the objective of bringing attention to and addressing the concerns and issues faced by the Hindu community, with the aim of garnering support from lawmakers.

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The summit aimed to address this disparity by bringing together 130 prominent figures and leaders from 20 Hindu and Indian organizations. Notable attendees included Kevin McCarthy, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, and several esteemed representatives.


Romesh Japra, the founder and chairman of American4Hindus, expressed his excitement about this pioneering event, highlighting the importance of Hindu American leaders and organizations coming together for a political purpose.

  • He acknowledged the significant contributions of the Hindu community in areas such as culture, society, and economics, but also recognized a relatively lower level of involvement in politics.
  • Japra expressed hope that the presence and words of these influential political figures would inspire and encourage leaders to actively engage in the political arena, as well as ignite a similar passion among the younger generation.
  • With Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s upcoming visit to the United States in June, Japra expressed excitement and emphasized the impact of Modi’s global presence.
  • He applauded Modi’s efforts in promoting India on the world stage, recognizing the significance of his role in raising India’s profile internationally.
  • Japra emphasized that these achievements act as a catalyst for Hindu Americans and Indian Americans to exert a more significant influence within their local communities.

The conference also featured a range of Congressional leaders from both the Democratic and Republican parties, highlighting the bipartisan support and recognition of the Hindu American community.

The summit aimed to promote dialogue and engagement, ensuring that the voices of the Hindu community are heard and their issues addressed by policymakers.


When will PM Modi visit the US?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit the United States from June 21 to 25, 2023. He will be the first Indian Prime Minister to visit the US in two years.

What is the capital of the US?

The capital of the United States is Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. is not a state, but a federal district, which means it is under the direct control of the federal government.


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