Equitas SFB partners with IBM for Digital Banking Platform

Equitas SFB Collaborates with IBM for Digital Banking Platform

Equitas Small Finance Bank has announced a partnership with IBM Consulting to build a digital banking platform. The collaboration aims to enhance Equitas’ digital product offerings and service capabilities, catering to the needs of the digital-first generation. The primary focus of this joint effort is to provide customers with a secure and streamlined banking experience.

Advancing Digital Products and Services

Equitas SFB intends to leverage its collaboration with IBM to strengthen its digital products and services. The partnership will facilitate the transformation of Equitas’ business model towards a cloud-native platform architecture. By adopting a product-centric approach and embracing agile frameworks, particularly for mobile channels, Equitas aims to modernize its delivery model.

Simplifying the Banking Experience

Narayanan Easwaran, Chief Information Officer of Equitas, expressed confidence in the strategic partnership with IBM, emphasizing its potential to simplify and enhance the banking experience for customers. Drawing upon IBM’s extensive expertise in the banking industry, digital experience, and cloud capabilities, Equitas aims to develop a modern platform that supports its digital journey.

Mutual Benefits of the Partnership

Kamal Singhani, IBM Consulting India-South Asia Country Managing Partner, expressed excitement about the consulting partnership with Equitas for its next phase of growth. IBM will leverage its banking industry knowledge, digital proficiency, and cloud capabilities to design a contemporary platform aligned with Equitas’ digital aspirations.

This collaboration between Equitas SFB and IBM Consulting holds great promise for driving innovation in digital banking and providing customers with a seamless and secure banking experience. By harnessing the strengths of both organizations, Equitas aims to stay at the forefront of the digital banking revolution.

Equitas Small Finance Bank

Equitas Small Finance Bank is a prominent Indian financial institution that focuses on providing inclusive banking services to underserved and unserved sections of society. With a mission to promote financial inclusion, Equitas Small Finance Bank offers a wide range of banking products and services tailored to the needs of micro and small enterprises, low-income groups, and rural communities. By leveraging technology and innovation, the bank enables convenient and accessible banking solutions, empowering individuals and businesses to grow and prosper. Equitas Small Finance Bank’s commitment to fostering financial inclusion has made it a trusted partner for millions of customers seeking reliable and inclusive banking services in India.

Digital Banking Platform – FAQs

Q1: How will Equitas SFB benefit from this partnership?

Ans: Equitas SFB will make use of IBM’s cloud capabilities, banking industry expertise, and digital experience to create a cutting-edge and secure platform that supports its digital transformation.

Q2: What areas will the partnership focus on?

Ans: The alliance will put special emphasis on mobile channels and agile frameworks while constructing a cloud-native platform architecture and taking a product-centric approach.

Q3: How will this partnership benefit IBM?

Ans: IBM can use its banking sector knowledge, digital prowess, and cloud solutions as Equitas SFB’s consulting partner and technology collaborator to create a cutting-edge platform that is in line with Equitas SFB’s digital objectives.


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