Rajasthan Leads the Way in Ensuring Social Security for Gig Workers

Setting a precedent in India, the Rajasthan government has introduced the Rajasthan Platform Based Gig Workers Bill, 2023, becoming the first state to prioritize social security assurance for gig workers. This landmark initiative establishes the Rajasthan Platform Based Gig Workers Welfare Board, allowing gig workers in the state to register with all aggregators.

Ensuring Compliance and Welfare Fee Deduction

The bill aims to monitor aggregators’ compliance with its provisions, ensuring the regular deduction of the welfare fee for gig workers. Aggregators will be required to contribute a portion of the welfare fee either per transaction or as per the Rajasthan government’s instructions.

Integrated Fee Deduction Mechanism and Penalties for Non-Compliance

To streamline welfare fee deduction, the bill proposes an integrated mechanism within aggregator apps. Non-compliance with the bill’s provisions will attract penalties of ₹5 lakh for the first offense and ₹50 lakh for subsequent offenses.

Empowering Gig Workers: Unique ID, Social Security Access, and Involvement in Decision-Making

A standardized unique ID will empower gig workers across all platforms, enabling access to various social security programs. They will also have effective grievance redressal and representation on the welfare board, empowering them in decision-making processes related to their well-being.

Gig Workers in India: A Driving Force for Future Economic Growth

India is expected to witness a significant rise in the gig workforce, with projections of 23.5 million gig workers by 2030. Recognizing their importance, the Code of Social Security (2020) includes a dedicated section for gig workers, mandating social security benefits from employers.

Understanding Gig Workers

Gig workers encompass a diverse group, including independent contractors, online platform workers, contract firm workers, on-call workers, and temporary workers. They engage in formal agreements with on-demand companies to offer services and enjoy the freedom of setting their own working hours.


The Rajasthan Platform Based Gig Workers Bill, 2023, highlights the state’s commitment to providing social security assurance for gig workers. By establishing the Welfare Board and incorporating provisions for compliance and welfare fee deductions, Rajasthan aims to empower gig workers and ensure their well-being. This pioneering move recognizes the vital role gig workers play in India’s economy and sets a precedent for other states to follow in safeguarding their rights and welfare.

Social Security for Gig Workers – FAQs

Q1: How does the bill protect gig workers’ welfare?

Ans: The Rajasthan Platform Based Gig Workers Welfare Board is created by the bill, enabling gig workers in the state to register with all aggregators. Additionally, it assures consistent welfare fee deductions for gig workers and oversees aggregator compliance.

Q2: What are the provisions for aggregator compliance?

Ans: To simplify welfare fee deductions, the bill suggests an integrated fee deduction system within aggregator apps. Aggregators who are found to be in violation risk fines of up to Rs. 5 lakh for a first offense and Rs. 50 lakh for repeat crimes.

Q3: How does the bill empower gig workers?

Ans: The measure gives gig workers a uniform, one-of-a-kind ID that grants access to several social security programs. They will be actively involved in decisions affecting their well-being and have access to an efficient grievance redressal procedure and representation on the welfare board.


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