India Makes Strides in FIFA Men’s World Rankings: A Growing Force in International Football

India’s football team, known as the Blue Tigers, is steadily climbing up the FIFA Men’s World Rankings, currently holding the 99th position. Recent victories in the Intercontinental Cup and the SAFF Championship have boosted India’s standing, showcasing their dedication and hard work in international football.

India’s Impressive Wins in Intercontinental Cup and SAFF Championship:

India displayed their football prowess by claiming victory in the 2023 Intercontinental Cup, defeating Lebanon with a convincing 2-0 scoreline in an exhilarating final. Continuing their winning streak, the Blue Tigers secured their ninth consecutive SAFF title.

Indian Football’s Historical and Current Standing in Asia:

Having reached a peak of 94th position in February 1996, India’s highest FIFA ranking remains a testament to their growth in international football. In the Asian football landscape, India currently stands 18th, with Japan leading the region at the 20th spot, followed closely by Iran. The top ten rankings continue to be dominated by formidable teams from Europe and South America.

Global FIFA Rankings:

Argentina remains at the summit of the FIFA rankings, with France and Brazil occupying the second and third positions, respectively. England, Belgium, and Croatia fiercely compete for the 4th, 5th, and 6th ranks.

Prominent Progress Among Lower-ranked Teams:

The latest FIFA rankings reveal notable advancements for lower-ranked teams. The Cayman Islands rose four spots to the 193rd position, while Gibraltar also climbed four places to 198th. Additionally, Aruba and Liechtenstein each gained four positions, securing the 199th and 200th spots, respectively.


India’s ascent to the 99th position in the FIFA Men’s World Rankings reflects their continuous growth in international football. Their recent achievements in the Intercontinental Cup and SAFF Championship demonstrate their determination and potential on the global stage. While established teams from Europe and South America continue to dominate the top ten rankings, the progress made by lower-ranked teams adds diversity and excitement to the competition. With the Blue Tigers’ consistent success, Indian football’s future looks bright as they establish themselves as a formidable force in international football.

FIFA Men’s World Rankings – FAQs

Q1: Which teams dominate the top positions in the FIFA rankings globally?

Ans: In the FIFA rankings, Argentina is now in first place, followed by France in second and Brazil in third. The fourth, fifth, and sixth spots are tightly contested by England, Belgium, and Croatia.

Q2: Are there any notable improvements among lower-ranked teams in the latest rankings?

Ans: Yes, a few teams with lower rankings have made outstanding development. Gibraltar and Aruba both gained four points, moving up to positions 198 and 199, while the Cayman Islands advanced four spots to 193rd. Additionally moving up four spots, Liechtenstein now occupies position 200.

Q3: What does India’s growing prowess in football signify for its future in international competitions?

Ans: The rise of India in the FIFA rankings and their recent successes portend bright prospects for the Blue Tigers in world football. Their commitment and diligence imply that they are becoming into a more powerful force on the international stage.


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