India’s Foreign Exchange Reserves Surge to a 2-Month High, Marking Second Consecutive Weekly Increase

India Foreign Reserves

According to data from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), India’s foreign exchange (forex) reserves have experienced a substantial boost, surging by $1.229 billion to reach a total of $596.280 billion. This surge represents a nearly 2-month high and marks the second consecutive weekly rise in reserves. The increase can be primarily attributed to the growth in foreign currency assets (FCA) and gold reserves, while special drawing rights (SDRs) witnessed a slight decrease.

Upsurge in Forex Reserves:

In the week ending July 7, 2023, India’s forex reserves witnessed a notable increase of $1.229 billion, following a previous rise of $1.853 billion. The major component of these reserves, foreign currency assets (FCA), experienced a significant surge, reaching $528.968 billion with a rise of $989 million. Additionally, gold reserves saw growth as well, increasing by $228 million to $44.060 billion. Furthermore, the reserve position in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) expanded by $15 million, reaching $5.017 billion.

Minor Decline in SDRs:

Conversely, there was a marginal decline of $4 million in Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) during the same period, resulting in a settlement of $18.235 billion as of July 7, 2023.

RBI Intervention and Rupee Performance:

To counteract potential rupee depreciation, the RBI has been actively intervening in the forex market through both spot and forward positions. This intervention aims to stabilize the value of the Indian rupee. Although the rupee experienced a slight decrease in settlement against the US dollar on Friday, it had a positive week overall, driven by selling in the greenback and optimism surrounding the anticipated end of the Federal Reserve’s rate hike. The interbank forex market saw the rupee close at 82.1615 per dollar, marking a 0.5% increase during the trading week that concluded on July 14, 2023.


India’s forex reserves have reached a nearly 2-month high, increasing by $1.229 billion to a total of $596.280 billion. This rise can be attributed to the growth in foreign currency assets (FCA) and gold reserves. Although there was a slight decline in Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), the overall performance of the rupee remained favorable due to the intervention efforts of the RBI in the forex market. These developments indicate positive economic stability and resilience for India within the global financial landscape.

Foreign Exchange Reserves Surge – FAQs

Q1: What is the current status of India’s foreign exchange reserves?

Ans: India now has $596.280 billion in total foreign exchange reserves, which is a nearly 2-month high and the second consecutive weekly increase.

Q2: How much did the foreign currency assets (FCA) component of India’s forex reserves increase?

Ans: The amount of the FCA component increased significantly by $989 million to $528.968 billion.

Q3: What is the significance of India’s forex reserves reaching a 2-month high?

Ans: The rise in foreign exchange holdings is evidence of India’s economic strength and adaptability in the context of the international financial system. It represents an improvement in the financial situation of the nation.


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