PM Narendra Modi Presents Unique Gifts to Strengthen India-France Cultural Ties

A Look into the Exquisite Gifts Exchanged During PM Modi’s Visit to France

During his recent visit to France, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the importance of cultural exchange and friendship between India and France by presenting a series of extraordinary gifts to French President Emmanuel Macron and other prominent leaders. These gifts showcased India’s rich artistic heritage and traditional craftsmanship, deepening the connection between the two nations.

  1. Sandalwood Sitar Delights French President Emmanuel Macron: As part of his gesture, PM Modi gifted French President Emmanuel Macron a distinctive sandalwood sitar replica. Meticulously carved from pure sandalwood, this exquisite musical instrument reflects the time-honored art of sandalwood carving prevalent in Southern India for generations. Adorned with the engravings of Goddess Saraswati, the sitar symbolizes knowledge, music, art, speech, wisdom, and learning. The instrument also features an image of Lord Ganesha, known as the remover of obstacles.
  2. Pochampally Ikat in Sandalwood Box for Brigitte Macron, President’s Spouse: To honor Brigitte Macron, the spouse of the French President, PM Modi presented a Pochampally silk ikat fabric. Renowned for its vibrant colors and intricate designs, this fabric originates from the town of Pochampally in Telangana, India, representing the country’s rich textile heritage. The gift was elegantly displayed in a decorative sandalwood box, highlighting the craftsmanship and aromatic qualities of sandalwood.
  3. Marble Inlay Work Table for Élisabeth Borne, Prime Minister of France: Élisabeth Borne, the Prime Minister of France, received a breathtaking marble table showcasing the art of ‘Marble Inlay Work.’ This intricate craftsmanship involves cutting and engraving semi-precious stones on high-quality marble sourced from Makrana, Rajasthan. The table features small pieces of semi-precious stones meticulously placed into grooves, creating a beautiful and colorful masterpiece.
  4. Hand-knitted Silk Kashmiri Carpet for Yaël Braun-Pivet, President of French National Assembly: PM Modi presented Yaël Braun-Pivet, the President of the French National Assembly, with a soft hand-knitted silk carpet from Kashmir. Renowned for its intricate knotted details and captivating colors, this carpet is globally recognized for its exceptional craftsmanship. It possesses the unique characteristic of displaying different shades when viewed from various angles, creating an illusion of two distinct carpets.
  5. Sandalwood Hand-carved Elephant Ambavari for Gerard Larcher, President of French Senate: To honor Gerard Larcher, the President of the French Senate, PM Modi gifted a decorative elephant figurine meticulously carved from pure sandalwood. In Indian culture, these figurines symbolize wisdom, strength, and good fortune, representing the harmonious connection between nature, culture, and art.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to France not only strengthened diplomatic ties but also provided a platform to showcase India’s rich artistic heritage and traditional craftsmanship. Through his carefully selected gifts, PM Modi highlighted various aspects of Indian culture and fostered a deeper understanding and appreciation between India and France. These gifts serve as tangible symbols of friendship and cultural exchange, bridging the gap between nations and promoting mutual respect and admiration.

India-France Cultural Ties – FAQs

Q1: What gift did Prime Minister Narendra Modi present to French President Emmanuel Macron?

Ans: An original gift—a sandalwood sitar replica—was given to Emmanuel Macron by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This magnificent musical instrument has engravings of the Saraswati and Ganesha deities and demonstrates the old art of sandalwood carving, which is still practised today in Southern India.

Q2: What gift did Prime Minister Narendra Modi give to Brigitte Macron, the spouse of the French President?

Ans: A Pochampally silk ikat fabric was given to Brigitte Macron by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This fabric is well known for its vivid hues and elaborate patterns, which honour India’s extensive textile history. It was presented tastefully in a box made of ornamental sandalwood.

Q3: What gift did Prime Minister Narendra Modi present to Yaël Braun-Pivet, the President of the French National Assembly?

Ans: A hand-knit Kashmiri silk carpet was given to Yal Braun-Pivet by the prime minister. This carpet, which is renowned for its intricate knotted features and alluring hues, exhibits varying tints depending on the angle from which it is viewed, giving the impression that there are two different carpets.


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