TCS partners with Google Cloud for Generative AI and Enterprise Offering

Harnessing the Power of Generative AI

TCS Generative AI utilizes Google Cloud’s advanced generative AI tools, combined with TCS’ own solutions, to create custom business solutions. By leveraging client-specific knowledge and agile development processes, TCS collaborates closely with clients to rapidly prototype and build transformative solutions with accelerated time to value.

Co-Innovation and Collaboration

TCS utilizes its TCS Pace Ports™ co-innovation hubs to foster collaboration and co-innovation. These hubs provide opportunities for clients to engage with academic researchers and start-up partners, creating a collaborative environment for developing cutting-edge solutions.

Expertise and Investment in Cloud Technologies

TCS has made significant investments in scaling its expertise in cloud technologies. With over 25,000 engineers certified on Google Cloud and a commitment to upskill its workforce in AI, TCS aims to meet the growing demand for generative AI solutions.

Comprehensive Services and Solutions

Through the TCS Google Business Unit, clients gain access to a comprehensive catalog of services and solutions. These offerings encompass advisory services, cloud-build and security services, applications and data modernization, AI deployment, managed services, and purpose-built digital solutions tailored to various industries.

Recognition and Achievements

TCS has received recognition from Google Cloud for its comprehensive solutions, earning awards such as the 2021 Industry Solution Partner of the Year for Retail and the 2020 Breakthrough Partner of the Year. The company’s cloud-native services span emerging technologies like generative AI, intelligent edge-to-core, and blockchain, delivering enhanced value to customers.

Generative AI – FAQs

Q1: What is the partnership between TCS and Google Cloud about?

Ans: Through their collaboration, TCS and Google Cloud hope to provide specialized business solutions for large-scale clients by utilizing Google Cloud’s generative AI services.

Q2: How does TCS collaborate with clients to develop solutions using Generative AI?

Ans: By fusing client-specific contextual knowledge, design thinking, and agile development techniques, TCS works closely with clients. With an expedited time to value, this collaborative approach enables ideation, fast prototyping, and the construction of transformative solutions.

Q3: How does TCS facilitate co-innovation and collaboration?

Ans: Through its TCS Pace PortsTM co-innovation hubs located in key worldwide regions, TCS promotes co-innovation and collaboration. These hubs offer clients the chance to interact with academic researchers and start-up partners from TCS’ broader innovation ecosystem, encouraging a collaborative setting for creating ground-breaking solutions.


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