Government Introduces Ayush Visa for Foreign Nationals Seeking Treatment under Indian Systems of Medicine

The Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, has introduced a new category of visa called the Ayush visa for foreign nationals seeking treatment under the Ayush system or Indian systems of medicine. This visa is designed specifically for those who wish to come to India for therapeutic care, wellness, and yoga treatments under the Ayush system. The introduction of the Ayush Visa fulfills the proposal for a special visa scheme catering to foreigners visiting India for medical treatments and holistic wellness practices based on traditional Indian medicine and therapies.

More About the News

  • The Ministry of Home Affairs has incorporated a new chapter called Chapter 11A – Ayush Visa, in the Visa Manual, specifically for foreign nationals seeking treatment under Ayush systems or Indian systems of medicine.
  • This step aims to boost Medical Value Travel in India and promote the country as a global destination for traditional Indian medicine.
  • The introduction of the Ayush Visa category aligns with the Heal in India initiative of the government, which aims to position India as a medical tourism destination.
  • Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi announced this special visa category at the Global Ayush Investment and Innovation Summit (GAIIS) in Gandhinagar, Gujarat in April 2022.
  • Medical Value Travel in India has witnessed significant growth, with the Ayush-based healthcare and wellness economy estimated to reach $70 billion by 2025, according to the Global Wellness Institute. To further promote Ayush treatments, the Ministry of Ayush has collaborated with the India Tourism Development Corporation to work together for the promotion of Medical Value Travel in Ayurveda and other traditional systems of medicine.

Overall, the introduction of the Ayush Visa category is a significant step towards making Indian traditional medicine globally renowned and attracting more international visitors seeking Ayush therapies and wellness practices.


What is AYUSH?

AYUSH is an acronym for Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy. These are traditional systems of medicine that have been practiced in India for centuries. AYUSH is now being promoted by the Indian government as a holistic approach to health care.

What are some of the programs and initiatives of the AYUSH Ministry?

Some of the programs and initiatives of the AYUSH Ministry include:
National AYUSH Mission: This is a flagship program of the ministry that aims to provide universal access to AYUSH services.
AYUSH Skill Development Programme: This program aims to train AYUSH practitioners in modern skills.
AYUSH Research Promotion Scheme: This scheme provides funding for research in AYUSH.
AYUSH Wellness Centers: These centers provide AYUSH services to the public.
AYUSH e-Platform: This platform provides information about AYUSH to the public.


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