Impressive Growth in India’s Coal Sector: Ministry of Coal Sets New Records

The Ministry of India’s Coal Sector has achieved remarkable progress in the country’s coal sector, as evidenced by the substantial surge in coal production and dispatch during July 2023. The Ministry’s relentless efforts have resulted in noteworthy figures, setting new records for coal production and distribution across the nation.

Surge in Coal Production

India's Coal Sector

In July 2023, the Ministry of Coal witnessed a substantial surge in overall coal production, reaching an impressive 68.75 Million Tonnes (MT). This figure represents a significant increase of 14.11% compared to July 2022, when the production stood at 60.25 MT. The Ministry’s focused approach has been instrumental in boosting coal production.

Coal India Limited (CIL) Performance

The growth in coal production can be attributed, in part, to the outstanding performance of Coal India Limited (CIL). In July 2023, CIL’s production reached 53.63 MT, reflecting a substantial increase of 13.41% compared to July 2022 when it produced 47.29 MT. CIL’s consistent dedication has been a driving force behind the surge in coal production.

Cumulative Coal Production

The cumulative coal production up to July 2023 has shown significant progress, reaching 292.12 MT (Provisional) during the fiscal year 2023-2024. This remarkable figure surpasses the 265.94 MT produced during the same period in the previous fiscal year 2022-2023, showcasing an impressive growth rate of 9.84%.

Boost in Coal Dispatch

Alongside the surge in production, coal dispatch has also witnessed a considerable boost during July 2023. The figures reached an impressive 74.33 MT, displaying remarkable progress compared to the 67.46 MT dispatched in July 2022, with a growth rate of 10.19%. The efficient distribution of coal has played a pivotal role in achieving this growth.

Captive/Others Coal Dispatch Performance

In July 2023, Captive/Others Coal dispatch demonstrated an exceptional performance, reaching 11.48 MT compared to 9.74 MT in July 2022, resulting in a remarkable growth rate of 17.83%. This segment’s outstanding contribution has further propelled the overall coal dispatch figures.

Cumulative Coal Dispatch

The cumulative coal dispatch up to July 2023 has displayed significant progress, reaching 314.30 MT (Provisional) during the fiscal year 2023-2024. This surpasses the 291.59 MT dispatched during the same period in the previous fiscal year 2022-2023, representing an impressive growth rate of 7.79%.


The Ministry of Coal’s tireless efforts have led to an impressive surge in coal production and dispatch, setting new records in India’s coal sector. The Ministry’s commitment to collaborative efforts, technological advancements, and sustainable practices is driving the growth of a reliable and resilient energy sector in the country.

India’s Coal Sector – FAQs

Q1: How has India’s coal sector performed in July 2023?

Ans: India’s coal industry had excellent growth in July 2023, with significant increases in both coal output and dispatch.

Q2: How much cumulative coal production has been achieved in the current fiscal year (up to July 2023)?

Ans: Up until July 2023, total coal production was 292.12 MT (Provisional); this represents a remarkable growth rate of 9.84% compared to the same period in the prior fiscal year.

Q3: How is the Ministry of Coal ensuring sustainable growth in the energy sector?

Ans: The Ministry of Coal maintains committed to cooperating efforts, integrating technical breakthroughs, and encouraging sustainable practices to create a stable and resilient energy industry in India.


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