Ladakh Gets First Women Police Station in Kargil

The establishment of Ladakh’s first-ever women police station is a historic moment for the Union Territory. This important initiative is focused on empowering women and ensuring their safety and security within the region. The newly inaugurated police station, located in Kargil, is a significant step towards addressing crimes against women.

The inauguration of the women police station reflects the government’s commitment to promoting gender equality and protecting women’s rights. It signifies a positive step towards creating a more inclusive and secure society, where women can feel empowered and protected.

More About the News

  • The women police station will operate 24/7, providing immediate assistance and support to women in distress.
  • It will play a crucial role as a resource center, offering valuable guidance and counseling services to women facing difficult situations.
  • By offering such comprehensive support, the police station aims to create a safe and supportive environment for women in Ladakh.
  • The establishment of the UT’s first women police station is indeed a crucial milestone in creating a more inclusive and secure society.
  • Having a dedicated police station for women not only encourages them to approach law enforcement with confidence but also assures them that their concerns will be treated with sensitivity and efficiency.
  • This initiative reflects the Ladakh police department’s dedication to strengthening the relationship between the police force and the community.
  • Having a women’s police station, is expected to foster trust and cooperation between women and law enforcement, ultimately leading to a safer environment for all residents of Kargil.

Ladakh’s first women police station is a significant step in empowering women and enhancing their safety. It contributes to making the UT a more secure and inclusive place for everyone, highlighting the region’s commitment to gender equality and protecting women’s rights.


What is the capital of Ladakh?

The capital of Ladakh is Leh. Leh is a small town located in the Indus Valley, at an altitude of 11,500 feet (3,500 m). The town is home to a number of Buddhist monasteries, including the Leh Palace and the Shanti Stupa.

When was the UT of Ladakh Formed?

The Union Territory of Ladakh was formed on 31 October 2019, following the passage of the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act, 2019. The act bifurcated the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir into two union territories: Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.

Who is the current LG of UT of Ladakh?

The current Lieutenant Governor (LG) of the Union Territory of Ladakh is Brigadier (Retd.) B. D. Mishra.

What is the Kargil War?

The Kargil War was a war between India and Pakistan that took place in 1999. The war was fought in the Kargil district and resulted in the deaths of over 500 Indian soldiers and over 300 Pakistani soldiers.


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