Nepali Climber Makes Record, Climbs Mount Everest For 27th Time

Kami Rita Sherpa’s Remarkable Achievement

Kami Rita Sherpa, a seasoned guide with over two decades of experience, has reached the summit of Mount Everest for the 27th time, reclaiming the record for the most summits of the world’s highest mountain. He originally held the title since 2018 after his 22nd ascent, surpassing the previous record shared by two retired Sherpa climbers.

Background of Kami Rita Sherpa

Born in 1970 in Thame, a renowned village in the Himalayas known for producing successful mountaineers, Kami Rita Sherpa followed in the footsteps of his father and brother, who were both mountain guides. He made his first ascent of Everest in 1994 and has since climbed the peak nearly every year. Often leading the first rope-fixing team, he has played a crucial role in opening the route to the summit.

Nepal’s Mountaineering Legacy

Nepal is home to eight of the world’s ten highest peaks, attracting numerous adventurers during the spring season when temperatures are favorable. This year, 478 permits have been issued to foreign climbers, with costs ranging from $45,000 to $200,000, including the $11,000 permit fee. With more than 900 people attempting to summit this season, the highest number on record, Nepali guides, particularly Sherpas from the surrounding valleys, play a vital role in the climbing industry, taking on significant risks to support expeditions.

Impressive Feats and Season Outlook

In 2019, Kami Rita Sherpa achieved the remarkable feat of reaching the summit twice within six days. As the climbing season extends until early June, he continues to demonstrate his endurance and expertise on Everest. With his latest record-breaking summit, Kami Rita Sherpa solidifies his reputation as “the Everest man” and a symbol of perseverance and excellence in mountaineering.

Nepali Climber Makes Record – FAQs

Q1: Who is Kami Rita Sherpa?

Ans: Kami Rita Sherpa is a Nepalese mountaineer best known for his repeated ascents of Mount Everest. He has successfully summited Everest 27 times, breaking the previous record for the most climbs of the world’s tallest mountain.

Q2: How did Kami Rita Sherpa achieve this record?

Ans: Kami Rita Sherpa has been climbing Mount Everest since 1994, when he first attempted the summit while working on a commercial expedition. Since then, he has climbed Everest almost every year, frequently leading the first rope-fixing crew to open the summit path. He has surpassed the previous record and established himself as a great mountaineer due to his perseverance and expertise.

Q3: What is the significance of Kami Rita Sherpa’s achievement?

Ans: Kami Rita Sherpa’s achievement of ascending Mount Everest for the 27th time is a great accomplishment in mountaineering. It exhibits his extraordinary abilities, physical endurance, and in-depth understanding of the mountain. His record-breaking climbs have inspired aspiring climbers and cemented his status as one of the most accomplished climbers in history.


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