Union Bank of India Introduces Specialized Bank Accounts for Diverse Segments

Union Bank of India has recently launched four specialized bank accounts, catering to different segments of the population. These accounts aim to provide tailored financial services and benefits to women, women entrepreneurs and professionals, pensioners, and cooperative housing societies. Let’s explore the key highlights of each account.

  1. Union Unnati: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals
    The Union Unnati account is a current account specifically designed to support women entrepreneurs and professionals. It offers a range of benefits, including free cancer care coverage, personal accident cover, discounts on loan interest rates, retail loan processing charges, and minimal service fees. This account aims to encourage and empower women in their entrepreneurial pursuits and professional endeavors.
  2. Union Samriddhi: Safe and Convenient Savings for Women
    Another account focused on women is the Union Samriddhi, providing a safe and convenient platform for savings and financial management. Women can enjoy the same benefits as the Union Unnati account, empowering them to take control of their finances and achieve their financial goals.
  3. Union Samman: Tailored Savings for Pensioners
    The Union Samman account is a dedicated savings account designed for pensioners. It offers doorstep banking services, personal accident coverage, discounts on loan interest rates and processing fees, and free health check-ups. This account recognizes the unique needs of pensioners and aims to provide them with convenient banking services and additional benefits.
  4. Union SBCHS: Supporting Cooperative Housing Societies
    The Union SBCHS account acknowledges the importance of cooperative housing societies and provides customized benefits to them. This account offers discounts on loan processing fees for purchasing solar lights, elevators, and other machinery. Additionally, cooperative housing society members and flat owners can enjoy concessional rates on home, vehicle, and education loans. This account aims to support the growth and development of cooperative housing societies.

These specialized bank accounts from Union Bank of India demonstrate their commitment to serving diverse customer segments with tailored financial solutions. With these offerings, Union Bank aims to meet the unique banking needs of women, women entrepreneurs, professionals, pensioners, and cooperative housing societies.

Specialized Bank Accounts for Diverse Segments – FAQs

Q1: What are the specialized bank accounts recently introduced by Union Bank of India?

Ans: Four specialised bank accounts from Union Bank of India have been launched, each one aimed towards a particular population sector. Union Unnati, Union Samriddhi, Union Samman, and Union SBCHS are the names of these accounts.

Q2: What benefits does the Union Unnati account offer?

Ans: The Union Unnati account has a number of advantages, including as free cancer care coverage, personal accident insurance, lower loan interest rates, no processing fees for retail loans, and low service fees.

Q3: What features does the Union Samman account provide?

Ans: Savings accounts with a focus on seniors include the Union Samman account. It provides doorstep banking, personal accident insurance, reduced loan interest rates and processing costs, free health exams, and discounts on all of these.


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