Tamil Nadu Assembly Passes Bill Allowing 12-Hour Work Days, DMK Allies

Politicians, including DMK supporters, are reportedly opposing the Factories (Amendment) Act 2023, which was approved by the Tamil Nadu Assembly. The Act intends to give factory workers flexible work schedules. The Act’s proposal to expand the minimum workday from eight to twelve hours is what most worries the opposition, along with the possible effects on employee welfare, safety, and work-life balance.

Thangam Thennarasu, the minister of industries, made it clear that the overall number of hours worked will not change. Employees might choose to work four days a week and take three off, which would be advantageous for female employees.

The three days off will be paid leave, and the existing policies regarding leaves, overtime, and pay would stay in place, according to Labour Welfare Minister C V Ganesan. The government will punish factories that make their workers work against their will with harsh measures.

Tamil Nadu 12 Hours Work Days – FAQs

Q1: What is a 12 hours work day?

Ans: A standard 12-hour schedule, by contrast, includes shift that starts between 6 and 8 a.m. and 6 and 8 p.m. Therefore, the majority of shift employees may spend some time with their families before or after the shift.

Q2: How many hours can I work in Tamil Nadu Factories Act?

Ans: No adult worker shall be required or permitted to work in a factory for more than 48 hours in any week, according to Section 51, and, unless specific requirements are met, according to Section 52, no adult worker shall be forced or permitted to work in a factory on the first day of the week.

Q3: What is a 12-hour day shift pattern?

Ans: A traditional continuous working pattern based on 12-hour shifts is regular 4-on, 4-off. Participants work for four straight 12-hour days, then take four days off. Then they work for four straight 12-hour nights, then take four days off, then four more days, and so on.


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