The Government Has Appointed Arun Sinha As NTRO Chairman

The government has announced Arun Sinha as the new Chairman of the NTRO (National Technical Research Organisation). Arun Sinha has given his service in NTRO as an advisor for 2 consecutive years. he belongs to the Kerala Cadre of the 1984 batch.

Arun Sinha Appointed As NTRO Chairman – Reason For The Appointment

The position of NTRO Chairman was vacant for 3-4 months. The appointment of Arun Sinha was much required for the government organisation to look after the roles & responsibilities.

After the approval for the position of NTRO Chairman, the government is also anticipated to start the process of appointment for heads of the BSF (Border Security Force) and the Indian Coast Guard. these positions were also long vacant.

It is expected that Arun Sinha will be able to add more inputs to the organization which will help in achieving its objective more effectively. Sinha is an experienced bureaucrat, who is well-equipped for leading NTRO. His knowledge and experience will be helpful in achieving and providing technical intelligence from various aspects to Indian government agencies.

What Is National Technical Research Organisation?

The NTRO or National Technical Research Organisation in India is a Technical Intelligence Agency which was founded in 2004. PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) and National Security Advisor controls the function of this organization.

The NTRO’s roles and responsibility includes providing technical intelligence to the agencies of the Indian Government like the Intelligence Bureau, the Research and Analysis Wing, and the Defence Intelligence Agency.

The NTRO is responsible for developing technology and software applications for communication interception, decryption and encryption, and cyber security. The NTRO also plays an important role in monitoring the activities of cyber threats and foreign intelligence agencies for India’s National Security.

Arun Sinha Appointed As NTRO Chairman – FAQs

Q1: Who is the NTRO Chairman now?

Ans: Arun Sinha has been appointed by the government as The National Technical Research Organization’s (NTRO) new chairman.

Q2: What does NTRO do?

Ans: Giving technical intelligence to Indian government organisations including the Intelligence Bureau, the Research and Analysis Wing, and the Defence Intelligence Agency is one of the NTRO’s functions and responsibilities.

Q3: What was the reason behind appointing Arun Sinha as Chairman of NTRO?

Ans: For three to four months, the NTRO Chairman position was unfilled. The government organisation desperately needed Arun Sinha’s employment to handle the functions and responsibilities.


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