Maharashtra Government Announced A 4% Reservation For Divyang Employees In Promotions

A 4% quota has been established by the Maharashtra government for the advancement of workers with disabilities. This quota would be used for cadres where direct recruitment accounts for less than 75% of the total. Based on the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission, the state cabinet also resolved to refund all unpaid wages to non-teaching staff members working at non-agricultural institutions.

Starting on July 1st and continuing for the next five years, these dues will be paid in five annual instalments. The Maharashtra state government became the first in the nation to establish such a department in December 2022 when it established the Divyang department specifically to ensure the protection of the rights and welfare of people with disabilities.

Women in the Open and Backward categories will not be required to provide non-creamy layer certifications for reserved posts, the Cabinet has determined. To provide a sustainable and consistent power supply for agricultural pumps, the Cabinet has also authorised a plan to convert 30% of farm feeders to solar energy under the “Chief Minister Solar Agriculture Feeder Scheme.”

The Maharashtra state administration has continued the national government’s efforts to help people with disabilities. The federal government required the distribution of UDID numbers for people with disabilities in March of this year in order to provide them access to different assistance programmes put out by the government. To protect their well-being, a number of governments recently gave out thousands of UDID cards to persons with impairments.

4% Reservation For Divyang Employees – FAQs

Q1: What has the Maha gov decided in favour of Divyang Employees?

Ans: The Maharashtra government has set a 4% quota for the progress of workers with impairments. In cadres where direct hiring makes up less than 75% of the total, this quota would be applied.

Q2: What has the govt decided for Women in the backward category?

Ans: Women from the Open and Backward categories will not be needed to produce the non-creamy layer certificate for posts earmarked for them, according to a resolution approved by the Cabinet.

Q3: Is Maharashtra the first state to develop a department for the betterment of Divyang Employees?

Ans: When the Maharashtra state government created the Divyang department in December 2022 with the express purpose of ensuring the protection of the rights and welfare of individuals with disabilities, it did so as the first government in the country to do so.


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