World Tuna Day 2023 – Its History And Significance

World Tuna Day is celebrated on May 2nd every year to promote sustainable fishing practices and raise public awareness of the value of tuna seafood. The world’s most popular fish, tuna is consumed everywhere and plays an essential role to the health of the marine ecology.

The commemoration of this day honours the accomplishments of fishing communities, scientists, and environmentalists who collaborated to save tuna species all around the world and develop sustainable fishing methods.

World Tune Day 2023 – History

Tuna in cans has been a useful addition to our pantry during the pandemic. But it’s important to note that for a long time, tuna’s nutritional advantages have been the attractive point for this product. Omega-3, minerals, proteins, vitamin B12, and many other nutrients are abundant in tuna.

Sadly, the fish populations are now in danger because there is such a high demand for tuna. Recent studies estimate that 33.3% of the seven main tuna species are overfished, which is unsustainable from a biological standpoint.

The United Nations General Assembly formally proclaimed December 2016 as World Tuna Day as a result of this situation. In order to guarantee the sustainable use of tuna resources and to stop their depletion, the judgement emphasised the significance of conservation management. A lot of nations rely heavily on tuna for their food security, economic growth, employment, tax revenue, way of life, culture, and leisure.

World Tune Day 2023 – Significance

Tuna is an important food source: Tuna is a major source of protein and nutrients for millions of people worldwide, particularly those living in coastal regions where fishing is a big industry.

Tuna improves local economies: Tuna fishing and processing provide jobs for thousands of people in a variety of countries, particularly in the Pacific Islands, where tuna is a major export.

Overfishing and unsustainable fishing practises have put some tuna species on the verge of extinction. The World Tuna Day celebration aims to raise awareness about the need of conserving tuna species and supporting sustainable fishing practises.

Tuna is critical to the survival of the marine ecosystem: Tuna, being a top predator in the ocean, plays an important function in managing the populations of lesser fish species, contributing to the ocean ecosystem’s equilibrium. Tuna population declines could have serious repercussions.

To summarise, World Tuna Day is significant because it raises awareness about the importance of tuna as a food supply and source of money for many people, raises awareness about the need to protect this critical species, and encourages sustainable fishing practises.

World Tune Day 2023 – FAQs

Q1: Why is World Tuna Day significant?

Ans: World Tuna Day is noteworthy because it raises awareness about the importance of tuna as a food source and a source of income for many people, as well as the need to protect this critical species and encourages sustainable fishing practises.

Q2: What is the history of World Tuna Day?

Ans: The United Nations General Assembly declared December 2016 as World Tuna Day to highlight the importance of conservation management and to ensure the long-term use of tuna resources.

Q3: What is the significance of tuna as a food source?

Ans: Tuna is an important source of protein and nutrients for millions of people around the world, particularly those who live in coastal areas where fishing is a major activity.


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