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28 July Current Affairs 2023 in English

28 July Current Affairs 2023 refers to the latest news and events happening around the world and are relevant to our daily lives. Staying updated with the 28 July Current Affairs 2023 is essential for students who are preparing for exams, especially competitive exams, as it forms an important part of the syllabus. The importance…

By Pritipalit

28 July Current Affairs 2023 refers to the latest news and events happening around the world and are relevant to our daily lives. Staying updated with the 28 July Current Affairs 2023 is essential for students who are preparing for exams, especially competitive exams, as it forms an important part of the syllabus. The importance of the 28 July Current Affairs 2023 lies in its ability to help students enhance their general knowledge, improve their reading and comprehension skills, and develop their critical thinking abilities. 28 July Current Affairs 2023 also provides students with insights into various issues such as politics, economics, and social issues that are important for their overall development as informed citizens. Regularly reading and analyzing the 28 July Current Affairs 2023 not only helps students ace their exams but also prepares them for their future roles as responsible and well-informed citizens of society.

International Tiger Day 2023: Safeguarding the Majesty of Tigers and Biodiversity

“International Tiger Day, observed annually on July 29th since 2010, aims to draw attention to the critical decline in wild tiger populations and promote essential efforts for their conservation. The day raises awareness about threats faced by tigers, encourages global collaboration, advocates for stronger policies, engages the public, and emphasizes the cultural significance of tigers. By protecting tigers and their habitats, we preserve biodiversity and foster coexistence between humans and wildlife.” Read the complete article here

ADB, India Sign $295 Million Loan to Upgrade State Highways in Bihar

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Government of India have signed an agreement for a $295 million loan to improve approximately 265 kilometers of state highways in Bihar. The project aims to upgrade these highways with climate and disaster-resilient designs, as well as incorporate road safety measures.

ADB has been supporting Bihar since 2008, providing five loans totaling $1.63 billion for the upgradation of about 1,696 kilometers of state highways and the construction of a new bridge over the Ganga River. The new project will further contribute to the state’s infrastructure development and enhance the lives of people in Bihar. Read the complete article here

Byculla Station Receives Prestigious UNESCO Asia Pacific Cultural Heritage Award

Byculla Railway Station receives the prestigious UNESCO Asia Pacific Cultural Heritage award for restoration efforts. It is one of India’s oldest operational railway stations with Grade-I heritage status. The station played a crucial role in early railway operations. Mumbai has other historically significant railway stations. UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards recognize exceptional conservation efforts, aiming to preserve cultural heritage for future generations. Read the complete article here

World’s Biggest Permafrost Crater ‘Batagaika Crater’ Thaws Due to Climate Change

The Batagaika crater, located in Russia’s Far East, is the world’s largest permafrost crater. Recent reports from London-based news service Reuters have highlighted that the crater is thawing, causing concern among scientists. This “mega slump” is posing a threat to cities and towns in the northern and northeastern regions of Russia.

Permafrost refers to the ground that remains frozen at or below zero degrees Celsius for at least two consecutive years. Permafrost plays an important role in the global climate system, and it also has significant implications for human activities in the Arctic. Read the complete article here

UNESCO Education Report Advises Ban on Smartphones in Schools

UNESCO has issued a call to ban smartphones in schools, pointing to classroom disruptions and the need to prevent cyberbullying. A recent report by UNESCO indicates a “negative link” between uncontrolled mobile phone use and educational performance.

The director-general of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay, emphasizes the importance of regulating the use of digital technology in education. While acknowledging the potential benefits of the digital revolution, she stresses that its use should enhance learning experiences and promote the well-being of students and teachers, rather than causing harm. Azoulay urges prioritizing the needs of learners and supporting teachers, highlighting that online connections cannot replace human interaction. Read the complete article here

RBI permits banks to open Vostro Accounts from 22 Countries for trade in Rupee

RBI’s move permits 20 Indian banks to open 92 Special Rupee Vostro Accounts with partner banks from 22 countries, facilitating trade in domestic currencies and strengthening economic ties. The framework encourages INR in export settlements and streamlines cross-border trade practices. Read the complete article here

SC Extends ED Chief SK Mishra’s Tenure Until Sept 15

A three-judge bench led by Justice B R Gavai has granted an extension to the term of Sanjay Kumar Mishra, the Director of the Directorate of Enforcement (ED), until September 15. Mishra’s previous extensions were considered unlawful, and his term was initially set to conclude on July 31. However, the bench has now allowed this final extension in the “interest of the larger public.” After September 15, Mishra will no longer continue as the Director of the ED. Read the complete article here

Revamped Website of National Pension System Trust (NPS Trust) Launched

Dr. Deepak Mohanty, the Chairman of the Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority (PFRDA), inaugurated the redesigned website of the National Pension System Trust (NPS Trust). The event was attended by Prof. Manoj Anand and Ms. Mamta Shankar, Whole Time Members of PFRDA, as well as Shri Suraj Bhan, Chairman of NPS Trust. The revamped website aims to provide enhanced user experience and accessibility for individuals seeking information and services related to the National Pension System.

The newly launched website, available at, represents a significant step in NPS Trust’s commitment to improving user experience and providing seamless access to information about the National Pension System (NPS) and Atal Pension Yojana (APY). The website boasts a modern and user-friendly design, suitable for both desktop and mobile devices. It offers several new features and enhancements to cater to the needs of its users. Read the complete article here

New Bill Aims to Digitize Birth and Death Records with Aadhaar Mandate

The Union Home Ministry introduced the RBD Amendment Bill, 2023, aiming to digitize birth records, make Aadhaar mandatory for registration, and streamline documentation for various government services. The bill proposes data sharing with the RGI, wide-ranging applications of birth certificates, and addressing privacy concerns. Provisions include simplifying registration procedures and appointing special “Sub-Registrars” during disasters or epidemics. Read the complete article here

Bengaluru Becomes 1st Indian City to Join World Cities Culture Forum

Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first Indian city to be a member of the World Cities Culture Forum (WCCF). This prestigious forum is a global network of cities that collaborate to study and understand the impact of culture on future prosperity. With Bengaluru’s inclusion, the WCCF now consists of 41 cities across six continents, with renowned cities like New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Dubai among its members. By joining this esteemed network, Bengaluru has furthered its commitment to promoting and harnessing the power of culture for the city’s growth and development. Read the complete article here

India AI and Meta Collaborate to Advance AI & Emerging Technologies

India AI and Meta’s collaboration is driven by the common objective of advancing research and development in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Emerging Technologies. Their partnership aims to achieve groundbreaking advancements in AI technology and its practical applications. They seek to harness the potential of advanced technologies, such as large language models, Generative AI, cognitive systems, and translation models, to promote social inclusion, enhance government service delivery, and drive innovation in various sectors.

One of the key aspects of their joint efforts is the possibility of establishing a Center of Excellence that will support AI & Emerging Technologies startups, fostering a thriving ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship in the country.

Leveraging Meta’s cutting-edge AI research models, such as LlaMA, Massively Multilingual Speech, and No Language Left Behind(NLLB), the collaboration emphasizes the development of datasets in diverse Indian languages. Special attention is given to supporting translation and building large language models for languages that have limited resources, enhancing the inclusivity of AI technology.

India AI and Meta also aim to improve access to AI computing resources for researchers, startups, and resource-constrained organizations. They will facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration through various platforms like workshops, seminars, and conferences to foster a culture of learning and innovation in the fields of AI & Emerging Technologies.

Furthermore, both organizations are committed to nurturing India’s AI talent and raising awareness about the potential advantages and risks associated with AI among different stakeholders. They will collaborate on developing comprehensive tools and guidelines to promote responsible AI practices, ensuring the ethical use of AI technology.

With a focus on digital adoption and the transformative potential of AI & Emerging Technologies, this collaboration seeks to address substantial challenges and positively impact various sectors in India. By harnessing cutting-edge AI technologies and open-source solutions, the partnership aims to lead the way in transforming the AI landscape, making a significant contribution to the future of AI and Emerging Technologies in India and beyond. Read the complete article here


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Bengaluru Becomes 1st Indian City to Join World Cities Culture Forum

New Bill Aims to Digitize Birth and Death Records with Aadhaar Mandate

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