NTPC Kanti Launches Girl Empowerment Mission (GEM)-2023 to Empower Rural Girls

NTPC Kanti, as part of its CSR initiative, has introduced the Girl Empowerment Mission (GEM)-2023, a residential workshop program designed to empower 40 underprivileged rural girls from the Kanti block. This initiative marks the first time NTPC Kanti has organized the GEM program, aiming to provide academic training and holistic development opportunities to the selected participants.

Inauguration and Program Details

The program was inaugurated by Shri DSGSS Babji, Regional Executive Director, East – I NTPC Ltd, and Shri K.M.K Prusty, Head of Project, NTPC Kanti. Eight students from five schools in the Kanti Block were chosen to participate in the four-week workshop. Throughout their stay, the girls will receive training in various areas such as soft skills, life skills, sports, meditation, yoga, self-defense, computer applications, communication skills, and other extracurricular activities.

Enhancing Skills and Holistic Development

The GEM workshop aims to equip the girl students with a well-rounded skill set, foster curiosity, and enhance their communication and social skills. The program encourages them to connect with subjects using their creative abilities while promoting psychological, social, and emotional growth. The inauguration ceremony was attended by senior officials from NTPC, members of nearby villages, representatives from Sanghamitra Ladies Club & Sujata Ladies Club, teachers from participating schools, and parents of the girl students. Teachers and parents expressed their appreciation for NTPC Kanti’s efforts in organizing the workshop and ensuring the holistic development of rural girls.

Positive Impact and Empowerment

During the inauguration, Shri DSGSS Babji, Regional Executive Director (East-I), NTPC, expressed, “NTPC Kanti is commencing a girl empowerment campaign for 40 girls from nearby villages for the next four weeks. In this campaign, we will not only teach them academic subjects but also provide them with skills that will empower them. As we all know, NTPC is always committed to the development of Kanti, and it will ensure the safety and well-being of the girl child. I am grateful to the teachers, parents, and headmasters for their support.”

Mr. KM Prustyi, Project Head, NTPC Kanti, present at the event, stated, “This campaign will bring about a transformation not only in the lives of the girls but also in their families and the entire society. When these girls leave after 30 days, their confidence and enthusiasm will be at an all-time high.”

The GEM program by NTPC Kanti serves as a valuable opportunity for underprivileged rural girls to develop essential skills and empower themselves, creating a positive impact on their lives and the community as a whole.


The launch of the Girl Empowerment Mission (GEM)-2023 by NTPC Kanti reflects the company’s commitment to empowering underprivileged rural girls and promoting holistic development. Through this residential workshop program, the selected participants will receive comprehensive training in various areas, enabling them to develop essential skills and unlock their potential. The GEM program is expected to have a positive and lasting impact on the lives of the girls and contribute to the progress of the community as a whole. NTPC Kanti’s efforts in organizing this initiative demonstrate their dedication to social responsibility and the empowerment of young girls in rural areas.

Girl Empowerment Mission 2023 – FAQs

Q1: What is the Girl Empowerment Mission (GEM)-2023 launched by NTPC Kanti?

Ans: A four-week residential course is how the Girl Empowerment Mission (GEM)-2023, an initiative of NTPC Kanti, seeks to empower poor rural girls from the Kanti block.

Q2: What kind of training and development opportunities are provided in the GEM program?

Ans: The GEM programme provides thorough instruction and development in a variety of areas, including academic subjects, soft skills, life skills, athletics, meditation, yoga, self-defense, computer applications, communication skills, and other extracurricular activities.

Q3: What impact is the GEM program expected to have?

Ans: By empowering the participating girls and promoting their overall development, the GEM programme is anticipated to have a good effect. Positive changes are also projected to occur in the homes of the girls as well as in society at large.


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