Telangana Leads Environmental Performance Ranking – State of India’s Environment 2023

On the eve of World Environment Day, the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), a renowned non-profit organization, unveiled its annual report titled ‘State of India’s Environment 2023: In Figures.’ The report provides an extensive collection of data and statistics on various aspects such as climate, extreme weather, health, food, nutrition, migration, agriculture, energy, waste, water, and biodiversity. Telangana has emerged as the top-ranked state in terms of overall environmental performance, according to the report.

Telangana’s Environmental Success

Telangana’s exceptional environmental achievements have contributed to its leading position. The state’s progress in increasing forest cover and improving municipal waste treatment were significant factors considered for the ranking. Telangana’s Chief Minister, K Chandrasekar Rao, introduced the ambitious ‘Haritha Haaram’ afforestation scheme and implemented other environmentally-friendly programs, which played a pivotal role in attaining this notable recognition.

Expansion of Forest Cover

Telangana has witnessed a remarkable expansion in its forest cover. Over the past nine years, approximately 273 crore saplings have been planted, resulting in an increase in forest cover from 19,854 square kilometers in 2015-16 to 26,969 square kilometers in 2023. Presently, forests cover an impressive 24.06 percent of the state’s total geographical area.

Advancements in Solar Energy

Telangana has made significant strides in the field of renewable energy, particularly solar power. In 2014, the state’s solar energy production capacity was a modest 74 megawatts (MW). However, this capacity has now surged to an impressive 5,865 MW, showcasing Telangana’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions and reducing its carbon footprint.

Recognition and Social Benefits

Telangana’s efforts in environmental conservation and sustainability have garnered recognition both nationally and internationally. The state government’s pioneering initiatives in expanding green cover in rural and urban areas have resulted in significant social benefits. Minister K T Rama Rao highlighted the positive impact of these initiatives on the well-being of the state’s residents and the accolades received at various levels.


Telangana’s top-ranking in the State of India’s Environment 2023 report underscores its commendable environmental performance. The state’s focus on expanding forest cover, implementing sustainable waste management practices, and embracing solar energy exemplifies its commitment to a greener and more sustainable future. Telangana sets a positive example for other regions, inspiring them to strive for environmental excellence and conservation.

India’s Environment 2023 – FAQs

Q1: What is the report “State of India’s Environment 2023: In Figures”?

Ans: An yearly compilation of data from the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) is included in the report. It offers a thorough compilation of data on India’s climate, extreme weather, health, food, nutrition, migration, agriculture, energy, waste, and water.

Q2: What factors contributed to Telangana’s top ranking?

Ans: The ranking took into account Telangana’s advancements in improving municipal waste treatment and expanding its forest cover. The “Haritha Haaram” afforestation programme and other environmentally friendly efforts run by Chief Minister K Chandrasekar Rao also played a big part in getting this accolade.

Q3: Has Telangana received recognition for its environmental efforts?

Ans: Yes, Telangana’s efforts to conserve the environment and promote sustainability have received praise on a national and worldwide scale. The state’s attempts to increase its green cover and adopt eco-friendly practises have benefited society and won praise from a variety of sources.


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