Ministry of Ayush and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Collaborate for “Integrative Health” Policy

Why is the Scheme in the News?

The collaborative efforts of the Ministry of Ayush and the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare have brought the National Ayush Mission (NAM) and the conclave into the spotlight. This partnership aims to integrate traditional systems of medicine into the mainstream healthcare system, providing accessible and quality Ayush healthcare services across the nation.


The National Ayush Mission has a clear objective to enhance the availability, accessibility, and quality of Ayush healthcare services throughout India. By integrating traditional medicine systems with modern healthcare practices, the mission seeks to promote holistic well-being and address the diverse healthcare needs of the population.


The National Ayush Mission is driven by the following objectives:

  1. Preservation and promotion of India’s traditional systems of medicine.
  2. Integration of Ayush Healthcare into the mainstream healthcare system.
  3. Enhancing the availability and accessibility of Ayush healthcare services.
  4. Improving the quality of Ayush healthcare through capacity building and upgrading Ayush Health Wellness Centers (AHWCs).
  5. Strengthening the education ecosystem in Ayush to support public health initiatives.
  6. Facilitating research and ensuring quality assurance in Ayush public healthcare.


The National Ayush Mission envisions a robust healthcare system that combines the strengths of traditional medicine systems with modern healthcare practices. By integrating Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy (collectively known as Ayush), the mission aims to adopt a comprehensive and holistic approach to healthcare. It strongly emphasizes preventive care, well-being, and personalized treatment.


The primary goal of the National Ayush Mission is to establish Ayush Health Wellness Centers (AHWCs) across the country, in alignment with the Ayushman Bharat scheme. These centers will provide accessible and quality healthcare services, including consultations, therapies, and medicines based on traditional systems of medicine. The mission aims to improve the health and wellness of individuals, families, and communities.


The National Ayush Mission operates as a centrally sponsored scheme with support from the Union Government. The Union Cabinet has approved the operationalization of 12,500 Ayush Health Wellness Centers (AHWCs). These centers will be upgraded by the respective State/UT Governments, utilizing existing Ayush Dispensaries/Health Sub-centers. This phased implementation will ensure the availability of Ayush healthcare services to a larger population.

How does the Mission Work?

The National Ayush Mission focuses on collaborative efforts between the Ministry of Ayush, the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, and state governments. It aims to enhance budget absorption, institutionalize execution, and strengthen the supply of medicines to Ayush Health Wellness Centers (AHWCs). The mission also emphasizes capacity building for Ayush practitioners, the upgradation of AHWCs, and integration technology for research and quality assurance in Ayush public healthcare.

Integrative Health Policy – FAQs

Q1: What is the collaboration between the Ministry of Ayush and the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare about?

Ans: By incorporating conventional medical practices into traditional medical systems, the cooperation seeks to prioritize “Integrative Health” for the benefit of the general population.

Q2: What is the National Ayush Mission (NAM)?

Ans: Ayush healthcare services in India will be made more widely available, easily accessible, and of higher quality thanks to the National Ayush Mission.

Q3: What are the objectives of the National Ayush Mission?

Ans: The National Ayush Mission’s goals include the preservation and promotion of India’s traditional medical systems, integration of Ayush healthcare into the general healthcare system, improvement of Ayush healthcare quality, strengthening of the Ayush education ecosystem, and facilitation of Ayush public healthcare research and quality assurance.


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